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Interview with one of the INSPIRE Awards 2017 performers Jezebel!

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Interview with one of the INSPIRE Awards 2017 performers Jezebel!


So the INSPIRE Awards is only weeks away, are you excited?

"I absolutely am! I`ve never been to the INSPIRE Awards but I`ve heard so much about them and am thrilled to be part of it!"

What should we expect from you at the Awards?

"Well I always look forward to dressing up for big events such as this. You can expect glamour during the cocktail reception portion of the evening and I have a few tricks up my sleeve for my performance before the awards."

Why is celebrating people an important thing, and why are community organizations such as INSPIRE Awards important to yourself and our LGBTQ+ community?

"As an educator and as an athlete, there is a fundamental belief that those who genuinely feel appreciated, valued and important will seek to better themselves and work even harder to better themselves. People working and volunteering in the LGBTQ+ community often do thankless jobs and go unnoticed for the important impact they have within the community. I often hear people say how bullying and negative energy is contagious, as others tend to follow suit, but so is positivity, kindness and generosity. The celebration of people and their work is an important investment in the future of a positive and inclusive climate within the LGBTQ+ community."

Our theme this year is We Are Family, what or who makes up your family?

"As a drag queen, I have a biological family and a drag family. My parents, Daniel and Édith live in Québec and have been so incredibly supportive of myself and my journey with the art of drag! They made the trip to Toronto last year to watch me perform to a packed house at Woodys and Sailors and is to this day, remains one of my proudest moments. I also have a big brother named Jeff who is also a huge supporter and fan of Jezebel. He`s an audio engineer and has made some of my very best musical arrangements and mixes for my shows! My drag family is quite large as are the case for most drag queens. Devine Darlin is my drag mother as she was the very first who encouraged me into starting drag. She spotted a talent in me, helped me develop my brand as Toronto`s French-Canadian Queen and always stood by me no matter what! Being Devine Darlin`s drag daughter, that also means I`m of the same drag family as Toronto legend Michelle Ross, Nicolette Brown, Mahogany J Brown and so many other phenomenal Toronto Queens. I also want to mention the tremendous help I`ve gotten from queens such as Ala Mode who`s been a sister to me as she gave so much of her time and kindness while helping me jump-start my drag career. Lastly, another motherly figure in our community is Farra N Hyte, who is the mother of all the Hytes family. Farra was my mentor during the very difficult Season 6 competition of Crews and Tangos Drag Race. Farra took me under her wing, taught me how to paint my face well and how to paint QUICKLY! Farra has been like a fairy Godmother to me as she not only helped me to win C&T Drag Race but she also taught me the importance of always doing your best regardless if the room is full or empty. Because the people who showed-up DESERVE A SHOW!"

What do you love about our LGBTQ+ community and what can we do more of to improve?

"I think the community often stands too much behind the word inclusivity but doesn`t always put it into practice. Inclusivity not just on a race, gender and identity point of view, but on an accessibility level as well. Although I love our Church and Wellesley village, a major renovation to make it accessible is needed as so many great businesses and shops are still in 2017 so inaccessible."

What inspires you personally?

"I find inspiration in so many things. As a drag performer, I find music and songs inspire me the most. I am ALWAYS listening to music. The new stuff, the old stuff, I listen to anything. When I listen to music, I often imagine myself on stage and imagine what I could do with that song or a part of that song. Music inspires my looks, my choreography, my mood and music brings is all together!"

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